Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I woof you furr-ever...

I had to post my latest creation because there was one person in mind when I was prepping, baking, and decorating this set.  That person is my beautiful, loving dear cousin Sandy De La Garza.  She was one of my biggest supporters of my craft.  Anytime I posted something on facebook,  I knew I could always count on Sandy's like.  She would send me pictures of cakes and tell me "I know you can do this lil cousin, cause your da bomb-diggity!" I know you would have loved and liked these cookies Sandy!  My heart goes out to you, your beautiful daughter Seairah, and your loving furry son Leo. You are da bomb-diggity and you are truly missed...<3

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mi Tesoro, Mi Abuelita

I was invited by Heather Chitty from A Sweet Fix, to join a collaboration with other bakers around the world to contribute a sugar skull edible piece for Dia De Los Muertos!  I was SUPER excited and honored to join this awesome project!! Thank you Heather!!!! :) I have met some incredible artist from around the world!  There is a facebook page that was created by Berry Rabago and graphic designer Yuki Navarro Guerrero and also a youtube video that showcases all the sugar skulls!!  These ladies did an outstanding job!!  My cake art piece is a tribute to my grandmother whose birthday is November 1st.  I knew I wanted to incorporate her birthstone into the sugar skull.  When I bake I always think of my family, especially my sisters.  I made edible jewels using isomalt.  I added topaz in honor of my grandmother and also for  my sister Teresa whose birthday is also in November.  I added an opal necklace to represent my sister Becky's birthday who was born in October, amethyst to represent my sister Leticia's birthday who was born in February and lastly aquamarine to represent my birthday that is in March.  I made a very short video because I wanted everyone to see how much sparkle my sugar skull had.  She was and will always be a treasure to me and my family!  
This is for you Wuelita Francis...

Francisca De La Garza
November 1, 1908 - October 21, 1989

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here are some pictures of some cakes I made for my cousin's wedding! I normally don't make sheet cakes, but since my cousin asked, I was happy to accommodate her request!  She wanted rock candy for her cake, but I didn't have enough time to make them.  So I made candy on the stove top!  I actually made three batches, but burned one of them.  I totally forgot about it cause I got busy making buttercream!! She wanted to the grooms cake to have his favorite sports team logos and a special little possum on top of his cake.  It was beautiful ceremony!! Congratulations Monica and Noe!!  Welcome to the family Monica!!! Love Y'all!!

Burnt Sugar :(
YAY Grape Hardy Candy!
White Velvet, frosted in vanilla buttercream with grape candy

White Velvet frosted in vanilla buttercream rosettes

Chocolate cake frosted in chocolate buttercream, borders were frosted in a dark satin chocolate buttercream, logos and possum were made with fondant

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Patience is key...

In the beginning I doubted myself.  I was ambitious to create the perfect cake not really knowing how much labor was involved.  I still have quite a lot to learn!  I quit my job in the banking business about three years ago to follow my passion for baking. I would like to say thank you to my family, friends, followers and new clients who support, have supported, and continue to support my sweet creations! I truly appreciate every single one of y'all!!  Here are some pictures of cakes that I have made for my cousin Olivia since I dove head first into baking.  Happy Saturday Y'all!!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

hey Rachael...

I was asked to bake a chocolate cake for a hardcore Beatles fan....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHAEL!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Having a Ball Since 1953

I have a client who sent me a picture of some cookies that she came across on Pinterest.  She asked me if I could make a replica of the cookie set she sent me.  I was super stoked to see the picture had a watermark, therefore making it easy to find out who is behind this beautiful cookie set!!  This design came from Cookies with Character.  She has amazing designs!!!  Thank you Gigi for the opportunity to bake these for you!  I hope your MIL loves them!!!  Thank you to Cookies with Character for your awesome design!!  Here is my version!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sugar Skull Cake

I recently received a request to create a Sugar Skull cake.  My client sent me a picture of the cake she wanted made.  My client wanted the same colors and I changed up the sugar skull.  I went on a quest to find out who originally created it and I found it.  I definitely want to give credit where it is due!!  Sweet-ArtSugarDecorations has amazing sweets!!  She is the one who originally created the sugar skull cake.  Thank you for your awesome design!!  All your cakes rock!!!  She's from Australia y'all!! I hope everyone has a chance to stop by her page and check out her sweets!!